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hilary, 26, new jersey. i post ostriches, bears, feminist thoughts, comedy, music theory stuff, dreamy nature pics and whatever else sticks in my brain. this blog is porn-free. relevant tags are /me for relatable posts, /selfie for actual pictures of myself and /homeland for my weird nostalgic feelings. twitter @hilarytraphagen

she’s beauty and she’s grace, she’s miss united states

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tv shows and movies that make the hot girl secretly really smart make me so mad like they want everyone to be surprised. here’s a surprise. i’m delivering bees straight to your door 

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i want to be one of those people who can say or do anything and be loved by everyone anyway 

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instead of proclaiming that every girl in the world is sexy no matter what why don’t we start talking about how it doesn’t matter whether or not you’re sexy because sex appeal is irrelevant and is used as a tool for male dominance

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Based on my posts, leave in my ask 5 things you’ve learned about me.

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a fancy asian restaurant called “Suit and Thai”

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birds might be complimenting you 

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